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the FORBIS security system and client application

FORBIS security system

The FORBIS system is an advanced security system, which was co-developed by our company together with Forbis. Its role is to record patrol tours of the guard/patrol service. This system provides you with a complete overview of the movements of the guard and patrol service on your site.

System benefits

state-of-the-art GPS technology to detect the location of the guard in real-time
automatic check and notification if the tour was not performed correctly
change checkpoints and patrol routes at any time directly from the SOC
access to a database of officers and previous patrol tours

The Forbis security system provides a perfect overview of the security of your assets by a physical guard. The guard uses a mobile phone to scan the control points located in the exposed areas of the property, and their movement is also monitored via GPS technology. Thanks to the integrated system, the guard is able to immediately notify the SOC officer in the CCTV room and summon the strike group. All the information about the incident resolution and asset security is then available to the client in their application.

GPS Technology

The GPS technology used to record the location of the guard eliminates the risk of fooling the checkpoint system. In places without a GPS signal or when the system is deployed indoors, QR code technology is used to locate the position.

Immediate response

All data is recorded, plotted, and evaluated in real-time, allowing to perform patrol routes and surveillance giving the chance to react immediately to any situation.

PANIC Button

The guard has a panic button that can be used to notify the SOC in the event of an emergency.

FORBIS client app

All our clients automatically gain access to the FORBIS client app, which provides them with live surveillance of the patrol tours. It also displays all incident response information on intrusion.


Tracks the movement in time of patrol and strike team when patrolling the site and dealing with an incident respectively

Rendering on maps

Tracks the precise movement map of the patrol and strike team when patrolling the site and dealing with an incident respectively

Camera Pictures

Real-time camera pictures taken directly from the scene of the incident