Highest level of security

with smartguard technology

technológia SmartGuard znižuje počet falošných poplachov pri poskytovaní najvyššieho štandardu zabezpečenia objektov a rodinných domov


ASGSmart provides a combination of electronic security systems, camera systems, and SmartGuard technology connected to the CCTV room of our company. This plan provides continuous asset surveillance by a state-of-the-art CCTV together with intelligent software, which rapidly reduces the rate of false alarms and ensures high efficiency of surveillance at low monthly costs. Optional combination of physical protection of the building during business hours and SmartGuard technology outside of business hours.


The ASG Smart plan with SmartGuard technology represents our latest innovation. We have been working on this innovation for almost 2 years, and we are very pleased that we could bring this level of technology to Slovakia. A multitude of variable features allows you to provide effective asset protection with the highest security and minimize the number of false alarms.

System benefits

high surveillance efficiency combined with lower monthly costs
low false alarm rate due to smart system
optional flexible guarding according to the client's requirements
electronic equipment can also be purchased in installments

High-end HD/4K camera system

We offer a combination of static and PTZ cameras with HD/4K resolution and high-quality images even in low-light conditions. Under optimal conditions, the camera can capture up to a radius of 300 meters.

Mobile app

Thanks to the mobile app, you have an overview of all the intrusions in your facility. It provides a detailed time record, maps, and photos of the investigation or response in the facility. The app notifies you of any object intrusion. In addition, you can view the live camera footage from your home.

Superior warranty and 2 + 2 support

When you purchase camera equipment from us, we provide an extended warranty and support for up to 4 years.

Proactive deterring

Our employee warns the intruder directly through the loudspeakers installed in the property and asks them to leave the property before they do any damage to the client's assets.

Strike team

Our rapid strike teams are immediately deployed in response to automatic queries raised by the electronic system. Strike teams have a precise location of the intrusion, so they are navigated directly to the facility to strike.

Footage archive for up to 14 days

CCTV footage is retained for 14 days as mandated by law. Asset security breaches footage is kept for up to 1 year as arranged with the client.

ASGStandard VS ASGSmart

The ASGSmart package is an enhanced version of the ASGStandard package. Compared to the standard version, it features more effective asset protection. When an intruder enters the perimeter sensed by the camera, the smart system automatically confines the intruder and displays them to the operating officer at the SOC. The officer reacts immediately and often prevents deters the intruder from damaging the client’s property. Compared to the basic plan, the advantage plan contains outdoor sensors of the electronic security system, and the CCTV system is able to detect intrusions within the protective perimeter of the building up to a distance of 300 meters.  Thanks to the loudspeaker, the employee can directly deter the intruder from acting any further. After the strike team is summoned, the SOC officer monitors the live camera footage and navigates the strike team to the exact location of intrusion.