We use intelligent

security technologies

for maximum security of your assets

Our technologies

Our goal is to provide maximum security for the asset using the latest security technologies, which we are committed to improving and developing.

FORBIS security system and client app

The FORBIS system is an advanced security system that records patrol tours of the guard/patrol service. This system provides you with a complete overview of the movements of the guard and patrol service on your site.

In addition, thanks to the customized mobile application, each client has footage of each intrusion together with information on the time and method of resolution with photos or a map showing the movement of our strike team during the emergency.

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Electronic security system (ESS)

An electronic security system (ESS), the so-called ‘alarm’, is an affordable set of indoor or outdoor sensors that detect building intrusions.

By connecting the ESS system to our CCTV room, you have access to continuous surveillance of your site even when in your absence (short-term absence, business trips, holidays, or long weekends).

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CCTV room

The CCTV room is a surveillance and recording center fed by information of intrusion from the ESS system.

This information is checked by the SOC officer, and if relevant, the officer will summon a strike team to handle the incident.

Connecting your property to our CCTV room can be done via any certified electronic security alarm system.

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SmartGuard Technology

SmartGuard technology is our state-of-the-art software in security systems. Together with the latest technology, static or rotating cameras with HD and 4K resolution, and high-precision sensors, the system can instantly detect intrusions in the building and notify the SOC officer.

SmartGuard technology reduces the number of false alarms while providing the highest level of security for buildings and homes.

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