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Our company places great emphasis on the careful selection of its employees. Our team is composed only of individuals who are honest, reliable, trained, and medically qualified. All applicants undergo a recruitment procedure and a detailed personal interview to check their suitability for the job and their personal qualities. An equally important part of the recruitment process is the applicant's experience, physical condition, and ability to deal with difficult situations in their line of duty.

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All our employees are dressed in uniform, properly equipped, and armed with effective protective material safety equipment according to the nature of the service performed and the client's requirements.

Visible marking

The equipment of all staff is properly marked as mandated by Act 473/2005 Coll, on private security services. These markings visibly distinguish each private security officer.


The weaponry of a security officer depends on the job classification and—under the law above—may include any of the following items: baton, pepper spray, handcuffs, and a small gun for personal defense.

First Aid

In addition to general first aid training, security officers are trained in the skills needed to deal with a variety of life-and-death situations. They are proficient to provide CPR using an AED.

Physical training

As part of the mandatory physical training of our employees, they undergo routine daily training sessions. Under the guidance of an expert instructor, our employees improve in kickboxing and in selected self-defense techniques aimed at eliminating the attacker or the person against whom the action is taken.

  • Physical training

  • Physical training

  • Physical training

  • Physical training in the gym

  • Physical training - box

Marksmanship training

Marksmanship training is aimed at preparing the officer to face real and complex situations. The marksmanship training is conducted by a third-party company providing complex training programs for security companies. The training includes safe gun handling, aiming guidelines, and combat shooting. The training also includes deployment tactics and the use of security equipment.

  • Zdokonaľovanie streleckých schopností na strelnici v Hodkovciach.





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    Zdokonaľovanie vo vstupoch do objektov, miestností, v ich prehľadávaní, taktike pri presunoch, vystupovaní a nastupovaní do vozidiel a tiež ukážky techník pri manipulácií s baterkou.




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  • Taktická príprava

  • Streľba na cieľ