Basic home protection

electronic security system  


The ASGHome subscription plan includes the protection of your home with an electronic security system, i.e. a set of high-precision sensors that are installed indoors. If the sensor detects an intrusion, this information is immediately sent to our CCTV room, and our Operations Officer immediately summons a strike team to check the intrusion. This plan provides the basic security for your family home, apartment, or cottage.

System benefits

intended for apartments, family houses, and cottages and when you leave home for a short period of time
basic asset security with low initial and monthly fees
everything under control due to the Forbis client application

Top-notch equipment

Security is provided by high-quality and high-precision sensors installed indoors. Door, window, motion, and glass-break sensors are available.


Thanks to the mobile app, you have an overview of all the intrusions in your facility. It provides a detailed time record, maps, and photos of the investigation or response in the facility. The app notifies you of any object intrusion.

Strike team

Our rapid strike teams are immediately deployed in response to automatic queries raised by the electronic system. Strike teams have a precise location of the intrusion, so they are navigated directly to the facility to strike.