Security system

Electronic security systems (EZS) are more advantageous from the financial point of view than expected by several people. Financially, they are comparable with conventional electric consumers being available in each household. Of course, the EZS price of a panel house apartment will be other than that of a plant or a larger object.

The actual solution of safety is the ASGuard security, connection to the alarm receiving centre (PCO). If you are sure that a voice message or an SMS to your cell phone is sufficient, try to answer the following questions:

  • Are you sure you never switch off your cell phone and that you accept all calls indeed?
  • Do you make foreign-holiday, shopping, business trips?
  • What do you do when your system informs you that you are been burgled at this time point and you are removed far away from your apartment, house, company or larger object?
  • Do you want or does your neighbour want to meet an armed delinquent? Would not it be better to send the rescue groups of our “company” there?

Based on our rich experience related to monitoring and safeguard of objects, we recommend the GPRS communication which is interesting for clients from the economical point of view. It allows immediate, quick, permanent and very detailed transmission of coded data transmitted from the object and functionality of transmission route between our alarm receiving centre and your object.

Our company, ASGuard security s.r.o., offers you the connection of your company or household to own alarm receiving centre through any certified electronic safeguard signalisation.

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