Alarm registration centre

  • object safeguard through electronic monitoring in the Alarm Registration Centre is one of the actual most modern and quickest software guard systems;
  • preventive safeguard based on continuous 24 hour monitoring of security system activities as well as technological facilities in guarded objects;

  • continuous monitoring of objects by means of live image transmission from guarded object through a camera system;
  • in the case of safeguard of extraordinary important objects, we provide as a secondary safeguard, even object security together with the signal transmission in radio band through GSM or Internet (GPRS);
  • portable "alarm signalization of object burglary”, i. e. PSN object safeguard of a client by means of location of portable „EZS“ (electronic safeguard system) for agreed time period;
  • rescue/intervention groups – performing interventions through motorized emergency groups;
  • repressive safeguard focused on elimination of incurred damages through direct intervention in the case of the object burglary by the workers of the rescue/emergency group;
  • in individual cases, the kind of the service to be provided, its factual and time scope, way and method of means used, sphere of subject to which the services provided are related are to be specified contractually.
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